Routine Misconceptions

The word “routine” can sometimes feel like a 4 letter word, and rightfully so depending on how they’re used. But in today’s video we talk about how routines can help us create better habits for ourselves and learn to block off our personal time in order to accomplish our personal goals.

Backing Into Goals

If it’s ever said that a team “backed” into a championship, it would mean they didn’t necessarily deserve it in the eyes of some people — it’s kind of knock against them.
But what about #goals? If you back into a goal, how is that different? How can it help you accomplish what it is you’re setting out to do?
In today’s vlog, we’ll discuss that very thing.

Taking Responsibility vs Making Excuses

We all make mistakes. It’s a part of life. But could the end result of our mistakes be different if we took responsibility for our actions instead of giving reason (sometimes excuses) for the mess up?

In this video, I’ll share three steps we can use to¬†not make excuses and discuss why I think taking responsibility allows us to build stronger relationships with those around us, whether it’s a significant other, co-worker or friend.