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On Starting Your Own Business

One of the coolest things about our continual surge in technological advancements is the effect it has on starting your own business.

Two and half years ago, my wife knew she could make money as a hand letterer. With the purchase of a $300 computer and a 20 cent listing fee on Etsy, she had an e-commerce store all set up (enter Staples button saying “that was easy”).

Our grandparents couldn’t quite grasp how that was possible. Our parents were supportive, but definitely showed a little apprehension as to how it would all play out. Our friends thought it was awesome and were almost instantly jealous.

No, it didn’t turn into a full-time job overnight, but the fact of the matter is she was able to start it literally overnight.

That’s never been possible until now – and it’s awesome.

The key is to strip down the grandiose idea to its bare essentials and find out what it’ll take to start. Odds are good, you won’t have to lay too much cash out upfront. Handicapping yourself with debt to get the ball rolling is not an ideal situation.

So start simple. Make a few bucks. Do the same thing again. Make a few more bucks. Then begin to implement steps to build something bigger.

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