Blog Two Great Grammy Reminders

Two Great Grammy Reminders

In the chunk of time I spent watching the Grammys last night, there were plenty of powerful, poignant messages. Two more subtle statements were made, though, that I wanted to share as a Motivational Monday.

  1. The importance of being able to laugh at ourselves
    John Travolta may never live down his terrible pronunciation of Idina Menzel’s name, but last night he showed the importance of being able to laugh at ourselves when we make mistakes. He cracked multiple jokes in reference to the Oscar fail and even pulled out a written script to make sure he could read his lines. People loved it.It’s easy to get caught up in trying to make ever effort a perfect one, but the odds of that actually happening are slim-to-none. Every once and a while we’ve got to be able to let it roll off our back and learn from the experience.
  2. Success doesn’t happen overnight
    In her acceptance speech for Best Country Solo Performance, Maren Morris talked about how she went to Grammy CampĀ 10 years ago and was now amazed to find herself on stage. TEN YEARS!I’ll be the first to admit I often want results much faster than they can realistically happen. Hearing Maren’s comment reminded me that, if I want to reach high levels of success, it’s going to take an untold number of hours, and ton of dedication and (probably) a large number of sacrifices to bring it to fruition.

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