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Some 2018 Goals

I’m hoping to make the new year my best one yet, so I wanted to share a couple of my top goals for 2018!

1. Live out my “word for the year”
I’ve chosen the word ‘intentional’ to be a guide for my mentality in 2018. With baby #2 having landed(!), I know there has to be a new equilibrium in my day-to-day activities. To get where I want to go in my faith, marriage, family life and professional life, I know I need to be more focused than ever in how I spend my time. Ignoring the urge to scroll social media and being willing to say ‘no’ to some opportunities will be the first step in living an intentional year.

2. PBJ time
No, this is not a dedicated time to eat the same lunch as my toddler (although that’d be awesome, too). I use this as an acronym for Prayer, Bible and Journal time. I’ve been spending 20-30 minutes a day (most days) doing this for the past couple years and have seen lots of fruit from it — so I want to keep it up!

3. Financial goals
Make specific mid and long-term saving buckets. Because, you know, Christmas will be on December 25th this year, so why not be more intentional about putting money aside so our giving doesn’t have to be as constrained come holiday time. Getting in the habit of making these buckets will create an even greater sense of financial freedom as we move through the new year.

4. Publish content weekly
By the end of 2018, I want there to be (at least) 52 new videos on my youtube channel. I love talking about this stuff, so I’m going to talk about this stuff!

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